About Me

I was born in Italy and came to the U.S. when I as 16.  My mother decided we would have a better life here since we her parents lived here.

After graduating from Georgetown University, I worked in International banking in NYC.  Then I got married and moved to PA to be with my husband Jim.  In Pennsylvania, I worked as a credit manager for multinational companies.  After a very long and debilitating sickness, I could not go back to the job that I loved so much.  I needed to find a new purpose.

My love for vintage and antique pieces and the love for hunting such pieces has made me who I am today.  It all started with a tea cart.  I saw it in the corner of a dining room at an estate sale.  It had belonged to an Armenian family.  It was covered with dust and had watermarks on the top and bottom shelf but I saw through all of that and imagined it being used at tea parties.  I decided to take it home and give it a new life.  After consulting with my neighbor Larry (who gave me some direction), each day I went into my garage and worked on it.   I cleaned it, stripped it, sanded it and stained it — making it new again.  It was beautiful again.  I started thinking I was much like that cart.

From the tea cart I moved on to making coasters out of tiles.  This craft gave me the opportunity to use photos I had taken while traveling.  Working with the photos transported me to those places I could not go again, reliving those memories.  Then I decided to crochet again.  This was a bit more challenging as due to intense chemotherapy, I had to learn it all over again because I had forgotten.   My doctor encouraged me to take up crocheting again. And so, I found a class in town and on Wednesdays I would go to class.  I started making things.  A poncho for my granddaughter, a scarf for a friend, a tea cozy.   I felt useful again.  Even If I could not travel or was too fatigued, I was creating something with my hands and felt that I was accomplishing something.  I continued to go to antique stores and flea markets searching for pieces that had been abandoned – wanting to give them a new purpose.  It became my mission.  One day our daughter brought me an old window.  She had moved into a new place and the owner had a basement full of old windows.  I cleaned it, then stripped the paint and repainted it.  That did not seem enough.  I wanted to fill the panes with pictures and use it as a picture frame.  So next I learned to photo-transfer and decoupage.  Then I created a window with pictures from our trip to Tuscany.

And so now I am officially a crafter, a vendor.  I am not sure if this is going to be my new path but creating things gives me a new purpose in life.  I am a different person now – I learned to reinvent myself and I like who I am.Most of the pieces I sell are one-of-a-kind.  They are items I find during my treasure hunt at estate sales and garage/yard sales.  A table leg makes a shabby chic candle holder after I am done with it.  A vintage shutter can be converted into a coat rack or headboard, depending on its look and size.


Dante, our 9 year old Himalayan Flamepoint

Beatrice, our 3 1/2 Himalayan,half sister to Dante
My husband Jim, my rock, my best friend