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Being a better Plant Parent..

I have been noticing that my plants were not looking alive and thriving, so as a plant parent, I needed to do something quick. They were getting plenty of light and water (or so I thought). Could it be that their containers were too small? So I went out to our local hardware store and bought larger pots, potting soil and bark. I started by taking the two Golden Pothos Plants out of their original containers and I replanted them with some gorgeous potting soil into larger containers. I watered them and put them back into the wrought iron plant stand by the window.

Next came the orchids. For them, I bought bark and let it soak overnight. I followed the instructions that I found online in Caring for Orchids. I gently pulled the orchids out of their original containers, loosened the roots and I removed the moss/bark from the roots. I replanted the orchids in larger pots and packed the bark around the roots. I took pictures so that I can monitor them. The aim is to get the orchids to flower again so wish me luck!!

Happy 2019!

There is an old Italian saying about the new year. “Quello che fai il primo dell’anno, farai tutto l’anno”, which means “Whatever you do the first of the new year, you will do throughout the year”.

And so we started the new year by going to an estate sale in Devon, PA. I love estate sales. I love browsing, searching for old things and discovering new uses and as I go from room to room I can’t help but wonder about its owners. There is a piano in the corner by the fireplace. They must have had lots of parties playing music and sitting by the warmth of the fireplace or at the bar. I go to the second floor and enter what looks to be a library. I notice books on travel, law and music. That makes sense. There are many items that I am sure were purchased during their many trips overseas. I spot several books on Italian language, one was the Divine Comedy which I immediately picked up. I had studied the Inferno while I was in high school but never read the Purgatorio nor the Paradiso. It’s time for me to read them, I thought.

One of the smaller bedroom had a tapestry depicting Dante meeting his muse, Beatrice. It was very large and not in very good condition. What would I do with it? I wish I knew how to restore it. So I passed on the tapestry but got some old books. Stay tuned for more estate sales findings as I am sure there will be much more to share with you!

Virginia is for lovers

It is true. We love Virginia, especially Loudon County, which is known as Horse country. Lots of rolling hills and wineries. I definitely recommend it. Walking in the country side in the fresh crisp air is just what I needed!!

Jim petting the horses

Christmas is almost here!

Every year, two weeks before Christmas, my sister Luisa, my mom Toni and I get together and bake cookies for friends, neighbors and coworkers. Of course we couldn’t do it without the help of my husband Jim and Luisa’s husband Dean.