Before & Afters

I saw this tea cart at an estate sale.  It was dusty and needed TLC.  

I started cleaning the cart and soon realized I needed a sander. So I invested in a small but powerful sander and worked on the tea cart until I had the original wood.  I then used several coats of polyurethane 

Here is tea cart restored to its original beauty. It is in our kitchen where I can see it 🙂

This was a window that our daughter Kelly brought me.  I knew I could make something out of it!

..And here is the completed project.  After I scraped and sanded the window, I painted it with chalk paint.  I then used pictures we took while in Tuscany and made color copies.  I then photo transferred to the panes of the window.  The two center panes are decoupage.  I hung it in the hallway and everyone that comes in the house admires it.

I found two beautiful vintage whiskey bottles in the basement of an estate sale, covered with dust. I thought to myself “I know I can find some use for them! They are just too beautiful.” So I started by drilling a hole on each bottle so that I could turn them into lamps. And here they Are! I hope you can see them. I took the pictures of the finished lamps at night. I could not wait to share them with you.