Life in 2020

We are celebrating a milestone birthday today at our house. Jim is turning 80 today.  This is the first birthday he will spend without his mother, Frances, who passed away in January at 103. There is longevity on his mother’s side and so I hope he too will continue to live a long and fruitful life by my side although in my heart I feel that this year will continue to bring lots of changes. We are living during a pandemic and it feels like our world has changed almost overnight. Some are likening it to WWII only our enemy is invisible and it hits us all, no matter the age, sex, economic background, etc. It is surreal and too horrible to wrap our heads around it. At night, we watch the news and the number of deaths keeps going up, the number of people infected keep multiplying. Only numbers…. I only get the details of the lives we lost from the Funeral Home in town via email called “tributes” . No funerals allowed. No celebrations of life can happen and so no closure….

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