Being a better Plant Parent..

I have been noticing that my plants were not looking alive and thriving, so as a plant parent, I needed to do something quick. They were getting plenty of light and water (or so I thought). Could it be that their containers were too small? So I went out to our local hardware store and bought larger pots, potting soil and bark. I started by taking the two Golden Pothos Plants out of their original containers and I replanted them with some gorgeous potting soil into larger containers. I watered them and put them back into the wrought iron plant stand by the window.

Next came the orchids. For them, I bought bark and let it soak overnight. I followed the instructions that I found online in Caring for Orchids. I gently pulled the orchids out of their original containers, loosened the roots and I removed the moss/bark from the roots. I replanted the orchids in larger pots and packed the bark around the roots. I took pictures so that I can monitor them. The aim is to get the orchids to flower again so wish me luck!!

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